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About Data Innovation Summit

Data and Artificial Intelligence are surging forth as paramount drivers of success for businesses and the advancement of humanity. As AI permeates every aspect of our existence, it is imperative for organizations and decision-makers to remain at the forefront of innovation and harness the full potential of these transformative technologies. However, there is a burgeoning concern regarding the “AI Divide” – the chasm between those who have access to these advancements and those who do not. To guarantee that everyone has a fair chance to partake in and derive benefits from this digital revolution, it is crucial to bridge the AI Maturity gap across corporations, industries, and nations. Joint efforts can promote justice, equality, and opportunities for all. The significance of collaboration and maximizing the value of Data and AI innovation cannot be overstated in the rapidly evolving technological sphere. This is where the Data Innovation Summit plays a crucial role.

The Data Innovation Summit, which has been held annually since 2016, serves as a regional and global platform for Data, Analytics, and AI practitioners to come together and discuss ways to accelerate AI-driven transformation throughout companies, industries, and public organizations. By fostering collaboration and learning among industry, the public sector, politicians, and academia, the summit provides a valuable opportunity for organizations to boost their Data and AI innovation capabilities and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving AI economy.

It is an annual must-attend event for all companies looking to remain competitive in the AI Economy and develop their Data and AI innovation capabilities for the next decades. By providing a forum for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the Data Innovation Summit plays a vital role in helping organizations fully realize the potential of AI and data-driven innovation.


The History of
Data Innovation Summit

The idea for the Data Innovation Summit was born in 2015 after observing that there is a need for a platform that demystifies data Innovation, provides guidelines on how to remain competitive in the digital economy, and where startup companies and large enterprises can meet, share knowledge and collaborate in the area. 

At that time Analytics and Data Science were new and rapidly growing fields. The ability to extract insights from large amounts of data has become crucial for businesses and organizations across industries, as well as for individuals seeking to make data-driven decisions.  They were becoming increasingly important to innovation but somehow still not represented in many Nordic midsize and large companies contrary to small startups. The gap between digital-born companies and traditional enterprises was visible. The founders aimed to bridge that gap through the summit by bringing together enterprises, digital-born companies, and academia to share knowledge and best practices.

The founders at Hyperight also noticed that Nordic data professionals who wanted to learn about new developments in the field were traveling to the US to attend such events. The goal of the Data Innovation Summit was to create a Nordic event for data practitioners working with data from collection to analytics, visualization, and automation. An event that would bring the latest and most innovative global data, advanced analytics, and AI projects and technologies to Stockholm, and help practitioners and organizations across sectors increase their advanced analytical capabilities and competitive advantage in the algorithmic economy. 


On March 22nd, 2016, 260 participants from 120 nordic companies met for the first time to discuss what became the foundation and the slogan of the Data Innovation Summit, how to innovate through data. Although since 2015 many things have changed with the event and the developments in the area have exponentially grown, the slogan remains the same. A gentle reminder of the importance of data to companies and societies and its impact in this fast-evolving world. 


In 2020 the event in Stockholm reached its first milestone of 2000 participants and 70 exhibitors. In 2021, for the first time, a separate edition of the event was organized to gather data, analytics, and AI practitioners from the APAC region. 


In 2022 another edition of the event for the MEA region was executed in Dubai. In 2023 four regional editions of the event in Stockholm, Dubai, Singapore, and Melbourne were scheduled. The same year the organizing committee released its plans to allow organizations and communities worldwide to hold local and regional independent DIS events. Read more here.


Since the first event in 2016, all presentations from all DIS editions and supporting events have been recorded and can be found in one central online repository www.hyperight.com


The Mission

Our mission at the Data Innovation Summit is to accelerate Data and AI transformation across sectors, companies, industries, and countries by bringing together Data, Analytics and AI professionals to share best practices and case studies of how to innovate through data and AI. We aim to provide a platform for practitioners who are tangibly working with data from collection to analytics, automation and AI product development, to access the latest and most innovative data, advanced analytics, and AI projects and technologies in one place. We strive to act as a knowledge ballast for our attendees and help practitioners and organizations increase their data management and advanced analytical capabilities as well as the  competitive advantage in the new digital economy. We are committed to becoming the most influential data event in the world and creating a global Data, analytics, and AI community.

Editions & Regions

The premier Data Innovation Summit conference is held annually in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference is meticulously crafted to address the current and evolving challenges and aspects of data-driven and AI-oriented business operations, encompassing data, personnel, processes, and technology. The conference strikes a balance between business and technical aspects, offering both practical and inspirational insights, grounded in reality yet futuristic in outlook. It serves as a platform for education and excitement, with a regional and global perspective, both live and digital in nature, encompassing general and specialized topics, and showcasing some of the most innovative projects, products, business concepts, and technologies presented by leading organizations from around the world. The multi-format and multi-stage hybrid design of the conference empowers attendees to tailor their own conference itinerary and experience the conference content from any location.

[Re] Data Innovation Summit

The Regional Editions (hereinafter referred to as [Re]) of the Data Innovation Summit are located in various global cities. These events are either jointly planned and executed by Hyperight and authorized local partners or executed independently by authorized local event coordinators. These regional events tend to be of smaller scale and may exhibit variations in event format and components offered. These events serve as a platform for regional Data, Analytics, and AI professionals to engage in educational, motivational, and informational experiences related to the most advanced and relevant topics that are reflective of the regional market’s development.

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