14TH – 15TH OCTOBER, 2021 | CET
The biggest and the most influental Data and Advanced Analytics event in the Nordics!
‎ ‎14TH – 15TH OCTOBER, 2021 | CET‎ ‎‎

The biggest and the most influential Data and Advanced Analytics event in the Nordics!


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With this new format online, Data Innovation Summit is here to help you still hear cutting-edge content, meet and engage with peers and find solutions to your most pressing challenges.


To provide a deeper insight and focus into specific topics, we have dedicated two pre-event days exclusively for workshops. Same as last year, we are having six workshop (crash-course) themes, each dedicated to a unique domain area: Data-driven Strategy, Analytics & Visualisation, Machine Learning, IoT Analytics & Data Management, Data Management and Data Engineering. The Crash-Courses are 100 minutes each.

8 Stages
8 Stages

8 stages: Applied Analytics Data Science and AI; Analytics and Visualisation; Data Engineering; Data Management; Industry 4.0 and IoT; Machine and Deep Learning and the Ignite and Accelerate Bonus Stages – a mixture of all of the above stated. All presentations are still 20 minutes with 10 minutes of changing time between sessions. This will give the speakers an opportunity to directly dive into the topic and focus on the key learning points and for the delegates enough time to move from one stage to another. All presentations are held in English.

Exclusive Online Content
Exclusive Online Content

Since March, we have been forging new relationships globally, searched for new case studies across regions and sectors and managed to bring a unique set of case studies curated and only available for the purpose of the event. In the new program, you will find these new exciting presentations never heard before, listed under new tracks, days, etc.

Community Networking
Community Networking

Explore the list of participants, book one-to-one meetings, exchange contacts, comment, discuss together, ask questions, meet the speakers, vote or join other network activities. Through the platform you can create or join discussion sessions with senior practitioners, bring your peers together to discuss your greatest challenges, brainstorm and exchange ideas and get best practice tips through in-depth, interactive discussion groups.

Cutting Edge Content
Cutting Edge Content

The unparalleled collection of keynote presentations, deep dive analysis, interactive discussion groups, panel debates, TIP sessions combined, will allow you to experience case studies, success stories, behind-the-scenes access from some of the most innovative companies in the world; all enabling you to answer the questions that matter the most, and re-define your strategy.


With highly crafted sessions reflecting strategic and tactical challenges that the delegates have identified as priorities, you will have the opportunity to benchmark your Data, Analytics and AI strategy and delivery against global companies and evaluate your next steps.

Online Exhibition Hall
Online Exhibition Hall

Visit more than 60 global solution providers and gain insight into new technologies, ideas and solutions by visiting their exhibitor pages. Check out their demos and arrange meetings with the vendors you need to know more from, to ensure that you have the right tools for delivering results.

On-Demand Content
On-Demand Content

Apart from participating live during the Summit, you will also have the ability to watch on-demand all the sessions presented at the event. The platform will be open for replay in duration of two months.

Why DIS?

Data Innovation Summit is constructed so it equally addresses all the elements of data-driven and AI-ready business: data, people, processes, technology and provides a holistic insight to the entire spectre of the data-to- insight-to-action process from data collection to visualisation and automation. Gain insight into radical ideas that are already proven to provide ROI in other organisations.

Join your peers from the comfort of your home or office!
That’s right – same great content, no travel required!

Use cases from some of the most data-driven and innovative companies in the world

+100 more Data, Advanced Analytics and AI use cases

What to Expect

An incredible festival of knowledge celebrating five years of honouring data and AI innovation and all the DAIR Legends out there working towards our 2030 AI goals.

Thanks to Our Brilliant 2020 Speakers

Data Innovation Summit speakers dive directly into the topic and focus on the key learning points. Listen to case studies from the best and most innovative names in the industry. The most influential speakers, right here, from around the world, ready to share their expertise.

That’s right – most influential speakers, no travel required!



EMEA VP of Technology

learn more



Head of Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence

learn more



Data Visualisation Evangelist
Practical Reporting

learn more


H.E. Younus
Al Nasser

Assistant Director General
Smart Dubai

Dubai Data Establishment

learn more


van der Smagt

Head of AI Research
Volkswagen Group

learn more


Steve Allison

Head of Product Marketing, Audience & Data Technologies, EMEA

learn more



AI Innovation of Sweden

learn more

Fabrizio Silvestri

Research Scientist
Facebook AI

Zheng Shao

Staff Data Scientist

Marie Lykke Lützhøft

Head of Data Analytics & CRM
Bonnier Publications

Rich Dutton

Head of Machine Learning for Corporate Engineering
Google Corporate Engineering

Peter Grabowski

Austin Site Lead of Enterprise Machine Learning
Google Corporate Engineering

Annica Wallenbro Stojcevski

Business Group Lead Cloud & AI

Jaun Manuel Contreras

Data Science Manager

Meha Saxena

Reporting Lead Architect

Michal Gancarski

Data Engineer

Romain Cledat

Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning Infrastructure

Jonathan Peck

Technical Advocate

Abhishek ‘AJ’ Joshi

Sr. Director

Gary Class

Senior Vice President
Wells Fargo

Rajesh Munavalli

Distinguished Data Scientist

Sahar Tahvili

Senior Data Scientist

Max Metral

Senior Analytics Manager
Formula 1

Jigyasa Grover

Machine Learning Engineer

Takuya Hirakuri

General Manager, Digital Strategy Dept.
Mitsubishi Corporation

Rei Kubonaga

MC Digital

Meltem Ballan

Data Science Fellow
General Motors

Frida Nellros

Head of Connected Intelligence

Ashok Ramani

Computer Vision Machine Translation and AI Platform Lead

Brian Ames


Melisa Kleen

Head of Business Intelligence

Alexandros Tzitzeras

Data Science & Advanced Analytics Manager – Strategy & Insights
The Coca-Cola Company

Romeo Kienzler

Chief Data Scientist

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Data Scientist

Ekaterina Garbaruk Monnot

Product Manager

Juan Bernabe Moreno

Global Head of Advanced Analytics, AI and Data Lab

Francesc Joan Riera

Applied Machine Learning Engineer
The LEGO Group

+100 more speakers waiting for you!

The Behemot…. The Schedule, the schedule 📅

Data Innovation Summit is constructed so it equally addresses all the elements of data-driven and AI-ready business: data, people, processes and technology. The event is built to be both business and technical, practical and inspirational, realistic and futuristic, educational and exciting, regional and global, live and digital, general and niched, inspiring and influential.

Explore the sessions and build you own schedule based on topics and sessions you would like attend across all stages, days and workshop rooms.

P1 Keynotes Opening & Closing
P1 Keynotes Opening & Closing

A unique set of speakers are set to open the conference this year. The list consists of experts ad practitioners working for some of the most innovative companies in the world. Their speech is lifting this year’s theme “Towards Human Centred and Explainable AI “. All Keynotes are 20 minutes and in English.

M1 Applied Analytics Data Science and AI Stage
M1 Applied Analytics Data Science and AI Stage

The sessions are both business and technical, presenting a clear business output of Data Science, Analytics, ML and AI to enhance customer experience, improve business process, reinvent business models and create new ones. Presentations by some of the most innovative companies in the world.

M2 Analytics and Visualisation Stage
M2 Analytics and Visualisation Stage

On this year’s Analytics & Visualisation Stage, we will focus on the latest methodologies of turning real-time data from multiple sources into insight, Self-Service BI, Data Visualization, Prescriptive Analytics, and much more. As the day passes by, the presentations will dive into more in-depth topics and implementation examples.

M3 Data Engineering Stage
M3 Data Engineering Stage

Technical track focusing on agile approaches to designing, implementing and maintaining a distributed Data Architecture to support a wide range of tools and frameworks in production. Focus is on Data-Ops, ML Ops, Auto ML, Cloud ML, Fast Data, Data Pipeline, Data Lineage, Modeling, Data Flow Monitoring, Feature Extraction and much more.

M4 Data Management Stage
M4 Data Management Stage

Technical and Strategy track focusing on the best practices on leveraging data as an enterprise asset and ways of collecting and distributing quality data, while protecting privacy, usage restrictions and data integrity. This year’s focus is on the CDO agenda, Data & Information Governance, Big Data Quality, Master Data, Warehousing, Data Lake and much more.

M6 Industry 4.0 and IoT Stage
M6 Industry 4.0 and IoT Stage

On the Industry 4.0 and IoT Stage we will dive into how we can utilize IOT data to create insight and innovate through that data. We will start by looking at some innovative business examples, and then move to more technical examples on IOT data management, and utilization of Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Blockchain.‎ ‎

M8 Machine and Deep Learning Stage
M8 Machine and Deep Learning Stage

Technical presentations on deploying Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Generative Adversarial Network and Artificial Intelligence in projects. Presentations by some of the leading experts, researchers and practitioners in the area.

🔥 IGNITE | Bonus Stage
🔥 IGNITE | Bonus Stage

The presentations are a mixture of practical case studies on Applied Innovation, Analytics, Data Management, Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, IOT and much more.

💨 Accelerate | Bonus Stage
💨 Accelerate | Bonus Stage

The presentations are a mixture of practical case studies on Applied Innovation, Analytics, Data Management, Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, IOT and much more.

D1 Data Octagon Stage
D1 Data Octagon Stage

Live streamed program providing insight into current data practices, trends, challenges and opportunities, as well as give an overview of the latest technological breakthroughs, and glimpse into the future of Data Management, Analytics and Automation. The program consists of 45-minute panels.

TiP Technology in Practice Sessions
TiP Technology in Practice Sessions

As a delegate you will have the opportunity to meet local and global Data Management, Advanced Analytics and AI software, hardware and service providers. A specific time in the program is dedicated for tech demos and presentations. These are called Technology in Practice sessions.

W1-6 Workshop (Crash-Course) Sessions
W1-6 Workshop (Crash-Course) Sessions

As on the 2019 edition, for this year’s edition we have set up several rooms for short workshops and crash-courses. The sessions are 100 minutes long and will provide training into various organisational, business, and technical topics.

We know, we know… We got carried away (a bit 😁) with the amount of sessions…
So, let’s make things easier for you.
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