14TH – 15TH OCTOBER, 2021 | CET
The biggest and the most influental Data, AI and Advanced Analytics event in the Nordics!
‎ ‎14TH – 15TH OCTOBER, 2021 | CET‎ ‎‎

Welcome to the biggest and the most influential Data, AI and Advanced Analytics event in the Nordics!


Accelerate AI-Driven Transformation

Gain insight into radical ideas that are already proven to provide ROI in some of the most data-driven and innovative companies

Hybrid Enabled, Extended, More Insightful, More Global

As in the past editions, we are continuing with the two-day summit setup accompanied this year by additional pre-event online activities and post-event online on-demand period. The delegates will have the opportunity to choose and take part in the event online, onsite or switch between the two formats without losing any of the event features. Online we can accommodate an indefinite amount of visitors, however the capacity of the venue for onsite experience is limited. If the restrictions are lifted we will be able to host from 700 to 2000+ delegates. The amount will depend on the recommendations given before the event. In a scenario where the restriction have not changed, we will execute the event purely as an online event. As a delegate you pay for the online experience and you can upgrade to a true hybrid experience, onsite and online attendance, at any point.

To provide a great hybrid experience, we focused on designing a programme that can be mirrored and executed simultaneously and interchangeably in an onsite and online format. The programme consists of seven stages including the Data Octagon programme, Data After Dark show, TIP session blocks, networking activities, and much more. The programme is refreshed with great new speakers and case studies from some of the most innovative companies around the world.


Six Stages

This edition will again focus on Data-first and AI-ready practical technical and business case studies. The programme has 6 stages: Applied Innovation &
AI Transformation; Data Science and AI; Analytics and Visualisation; Data Engineering; Data Management; Cloud Computing; Machine and Deep Learning. All presentations are still 20 minutes with 10 minutes changing time between sessions. This will give the speakers an opportunity to directly dive into the topic and focus on the key learning points and for the delegates enough time to move from one stage to another.


Exhibition Hall

Visit more than 60 leading global solution providers and gain insight into new technologies, ideas and solutions by visiting the summit exhibitor pages. Some of them exhibited their products and services for the first time in The Nordics. Through the online platform and exhibitor virtual pages you can learn all about their products services, review demo videos and arrange meetings. If on-site, just approach the exhibitors on their stand and start a conversation or participate in their Technology in Practice Sessions and Expo Crawl.


Data After Dark Show

What is a great event without a great party. After the official end of the first summit day, like in the past years we are organising the Data After Dark Show live streamed directly via the event platform Agorify from Central Stockholm.

No matter if you attend the event onsite or online you will have the opportunity to experience a great show filled with great music, opportunity to network with the rest of the delegates and much more.


Nordic DAIR Awards

It is time to recognise and showcase some of the great work being achieved by individuals, teams and organisations in the area.

Together with our partners and delegates we will acknowledge those who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of Data Management, Advanced Analytics and AI in the Nordics. The awards will be presented during the Data After Dark Show.


Data Octagon

Live streamed programme providing insights into current data practices, trends, challenges and opportunities, as well as give overview of the latest technological breakthroughs, and glimpse into the future of Data Management, Analytics and Automation.

The programme consists of 30 to 45-minute panels and 20 minutes Product Reviews and it will be streamed live online on Hyperight Youtube and Twitter channel.


More Networking

No matter if onsite or online, with the app you can explore the list of participants, book one-to-one meetings, exchange contacts, comment, discuss together, ask questions, meet the speakers, vote or join other network activities. Through the platform you can create or join discussion sessions with senior practitioners, bring your peers together to discuss your greatest challenges, brainstorm and exchange ideas and get best practice tips through in-depth, interactive roundtable discussion groups.

Request, download and explore

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The 2021 Schedule

Data Innovation Summit is constructed so it equally addresses all the elements of data-driven and AI-ready business: data, people, processes and technology. The event is built to be both business and technical, practical and inspirational, realistic and futuristic, educational and exciting, regional and global, live and digital, general and niched, inspiring and influential.

Explore the sessions and build you own schedule based on topics and sessions you would like attend across all stages and days.

Keynotes, Opening and Closing Stage

Keynotes, Opening and Closing Stage

The keynote presentations are the pillars of the entire conference and the most memorable presentations of the event. As opening plenary talks, they set the tone of the entire conference, tie all themes together and provide excitement on the presentations that are about to come. This year’s keynote list includes visionaries and leading expert names in Data and AI.

Applied Innovation & AI Transformation Stage

Applied Innovation & AI Transformation Stage

The sessions are both business and technical, presenting a clear business output of data science, analytics, ML and AI to enhance customer experience, improve business process, reinvent business models and create new ones. Presentations by some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Analytics and Visualisation Stage

Analytics and Visualisation Stage

On this year’s Business Analytics Stage, we will focus on the latest methodologies of turning real-time data from multiple sources into insight, self-service BI, visualisation of data, prescriptive analytics, and much more. As the day passes by, the presentations will dive into more in-depth topics and implementation examples.

Data EngineeringStage

Data Engineering

Technical track focusing on agile approaches to designing, implementing and maintaining a distributed data architecture to support a wide range of tools and frameworks in production. Focus on Data-Ops, ML Ops, Auto ML, Cloud ML, Fast Data, data pipeline, data lineage, modeling, data flow monitoring, feature extraction and much more.

Data ManagementStage

Data Management

Technical and Strategy track focusing on best practices on leveraging data as an enterprise asset and ways of collecting and distributing quality data, while protecting privacy, usage restrictions and data integrity. This year’s focus is on the CDO agenda, data & information governance, Big Data quality, master data, warehousing, Data Lake, and much more.

Cloud Computing & Analytics Stage

Cloud Computing & Analytics Stage

Technical and Strategy track focusing on the best practices on leveraging cloud computing and analytics in cloud to lower cost, increase speed, establish better business continuity, enhance collaboration, and enable true deployment at scale. This year’s focus is on cloud economics, cloud management, architecture, hybrid and multi-cloud setup, and much more.

Machine and Deep Learning Stage

Machine and Deep Learning Stage

Technical presentations on deploying Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language processing, Generative Adversarial Network, Transformers, and Artificial Intelligence in projects. Presentations by some of the leading experts, researchers and practitioners in the area.

Data OctagonOnline Programme

Data Octagon
Online Programme

Live streamed programme providing insight into the current data practices, trends, challenges and opportunities, as well as give overview of the latest technological breakthroughs, and glimpse into the future of Data Management, Analytics and Automation. The programme consists of 45-minute panels and will be streamed online on Hyperight youtube and twitter channel.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Stephen Brobst


Jennifer Belissent, PhD

Principal Data Strategist

Bill Schmarzo

Author, Professor, Innovator and Advisor – Data Science and Data Monetization

H.E. Mohammad Hassan

Executive Director – National Data and Statistic Sector

Fredrik Heintz

Associate Professor of
Computer Science

Henrik Göthberg


Robert Luciani

Head of Research

Kelsey Conophy

Director of Product

Anna Felländer

AI Sustainability Center

Myrna Macgregor

Lead, Responsible AI+ML

Daphne Cheung

Data Scientist
The Walt Disney Company

David Dadoun

Head of Data

Kaveh Djavaherian

Director Global Cloud & Hosting

Hao Dinh

Director Digital Transformation

Viivi Uurtio

Data Scientist

Sahar Tahvili, PhD

Operations Team Leader

Kim Næss

Marketing Science Director, Data & AI

Andreas Nordfors

Marketing Science Director

Georgios Damaskinos

Machine Learning Engineer

Anna Baecklund

Head of Data Science
ICA Sweden

Maaret Malinen

Data Governance Lead
ICA Sweden

Sara Thiringer

Data Scientist
ICA Sweden

Olof Granberg

Director of Data and Advanced Analytics Technology
ICA Gruppen

Adriano Di Toppa

Enterprise Data Manager
Kemin Industries

Nicola Askham

The Data Governance Coach

Giovanni Leoni

Global Development Leader Advanced Analytics

Ole Busk Poulsen

Data Officer

Antti Myllymäki

Head of AI
OP Financial Group

Girish Agarwal

Chief Digital & Information Officer

Lars Albertsson


Salla Franzén

Group Chief Data Scientist

Robin Hjelte

Head of Data and Analytics

Ugur Doktur

Associate Principal AI Engineer

Thomas Hütter

Senior Developer
Swecon Baumaschinen

Robert Børlum-Bach

Head of Analytics Architecture
TV2 Danmark

Gema Parreño

Lead Data Scientist
Apium Hub

Nishith Agarwal

Engineering Leader

Max Schultze

Data Engineering Manager

Ashish Arora

Engineering Manager, Product Analytics

Janne Liuttu

Chief Data Scientist

Ingo Paas

Green Cargo

Mattias Fras

Group Head of AI Hub

Somil Gupta

AI Strategy and Monetization Advisor
Intakt AI (Part of Svara AB)

Micha Ben Achim Kunze

Lead Data Engineer

Frances K. D’Silva

Product Manager, Data & insights

Dr. Mahendra Samarawickrama

Senior Manager – Data Science and Analytics
Australian Red Cross

Nina Hristozova

Data Scientist
Thomson Reuters

Milda Norkute

Senior Designer
Thomson Reuters

Kjetil Åmdal-Sævik

Data Science Manager & Machine Learning Engineer

Melvin Quimis

Senior RegTech Specialist
Bank of England

Dr. Vladimir Bacvanski

Distinguished Architect

Anders Dræge

Business Analyst
Frende Insurance

Alicia Montoya

Head Research Commercialization
Swiss Re

Nick Desbarats

Independent Educator and Consultant
Practical Reporting Inc.

Nastaran Ghadar

Engineering Manager

Shaun McGirr

AI Evangelist

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