Toloka is a global tech company that offers a data-centric environment to support fast and scalable AI development with the help of human insight gathered in a responsible and secure way.

Toloka offers end-to-end AI solutions based on:

  • Data labeling platform with a diverse global crowd covering 100+ countries and 40+ languages for multilingual projects and fast scaling
  • Collection of enterprise-level models that can be used out of the box and automatically adapt to your data streams, including state-of-the-art foundation models
  • Prebuilt automatically scalable training and hosting infrastructure for model operations
  • ML platform for comparing datasets, tracking experiments, calculating metrics, and tuning models

Toloka has 10+ years of industry experience in solving business problems in various industries (IT, E-Commerce, Telecom, Ridetech, and others) and tech domains like NLP and CV (BB, polygons, PLSS, and other annotations), relevance, online content, data generation (including video, image and text), and more.

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