The Data Engineering Stage is one of the 6 on-site stages at the 5th Celebrate edition of the Data Innovation Summit, in Stockholm, the biggest and most influential Data and AI event in the Nordics and a global data event which is gathering this year more than 2200 delegates and 120 speakers from all over the world. We are months away but the registrations are jumping in every day, therefore we are happy to highlight some sessions and bring you only a glimpse of it.

Designed to have a technical nature, this particular stage is focusing on agile approaches to designing, implementing and maintaining a distributed data architecture to support a wide range of tools and frameworks in production. On stage we are bringing some of the biggest names in the world, focusing on Data-Ops, ML Ops, Auto ML, Cloud ML, Fast Data, data pipeline, data lineage, modelling, data flow monitoring, feature extraction and much more. Ranging from DevOps to server-less data infrastructure, the Data Engineering stage on the 2020 edition, will be literally ‘’on fire’’. Here’s why:

Netflix is coming to Data Innovation Summit! Yes, you got it right – Netflix, the world’s most valuable media company that always knows ”what their audience wants” and a company that has been data-driven since its inception and is successful thanks to big data and analytics.

Dao Mi is a Senior Data Engineer at Netflix, highly skilled in data infrastructure. In his session, Dao will endeavour to showcase how the Data-Ops problem was tackled at Netflix scale, as it is a unique challenge to both collect data and surface insights to key stakeholders within the company. He will also talk about novel use-cases calls for creative data collection, what does scale mean in the entertainment industry and how is that different from a typical tech company, as well as how to produce operational insights on demand.

A complete example of server-less data infrastructure will be baldly presented by Michal Gancarski – a professional Data Engineer at, Zalando – an online well known retailer and a great data-driven competing company. His session will focus on how to design, build, deploy and monitor a server-less data pipelines. Advantages and disadvantages of the approach will be discussed, with a live-coding session and a practical example illustrating more general points.

Another frame-less ML toolkit for training, brought by Francesc Joan Riera – Applied Machine Learning Engineer at The LEGO Group, who will explain how they have set up a “frame-less server” to train, maintain and update our deployed Machine Learning models for LEGO’s Moderation Service. Learn and discover how they maintained and updated the deployed ML models in the cloud, and discuss “what makes ML model X better than model Y, based on the logged metrics and parameters, that they have specifically chose to keep in the Model Store. 

Two great speakers from Scania, a major Swedish manufacturer will shed light on the next generation of DevOps – MLOps. Gustav Rånby – Senior Data Scientist, Developer and DevOps enthusiast and Jenny Eriksson – Development Engineer at Scania, will focus on the process of going from training data to a deployed model. So if you wish to know what an ML pipeline can look like, how to facilitate going from development to production and continuously collect and process data from 400 000+ connected devices, in order to keep an ML model in sync with reality – this is just the perfect session for it. 

Stay tuned, as the second group of data engineering speakers will be announced very soon. 

All presentations last 18 minutes + 2 minutes for quick Q&A. 

To review the presentations, please go to: https://datainnovationsummit.com/schedule/

To register please go to: https://datainnovationsummit.com/tickets2020/

It will be insightful, it will also be fun! In March 2020 – all the roads lead to Stockholm, so see you all there!

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