Never before have there been so many promising breakthrough technologies available — and so many businesses ready to capitalize on them.

From Machine Learning to Blockchain, from Cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, Analytics, and more, companies are eager to run smarter and take advantage of the new business possibilities they offer. Where should you start? How will you realize the promise of these technologies without interrupting your business today?

SAP‘s core business is to leverage technology to solve problems across all industries and lines of business worldwide. We work with more than 350,000 customers whose SAP systems touch 70% of the world‘s transactional data. Already a leader in enterprise applications, we have now developed a portfolio of intelligent technologies called SAP Leonardo — so you can innovate at scale to confidently redefine your business.

SAP Leonardo is a design-led approach which help you to seamlessly integrate future-facing technologies and capabilities into the SAP Cloud Platform, using our Design Thinking Services. This powerful portfolio enables you to rapidly innovate, scale new models, and continually redefine your business.

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