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Data Governance that Drives (Not Impedes!) Digital Transformation

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Marks & Spencer is a 136-year old company that is undertaking a widescale transformation programme. This new iterative, ambitious approach to innovation is driving new areas of revenue growth, personalisation, and digital transformation.

To support these ambitious business goals, Marks & Spencer is following a non-invasive approach to data governance that maps to company objectives will make everyone responsible for accurate, well-governed data use — rather than relying on top-down controls and restrictions. Underlying this approach to data governance is the Alation Data Catalog, a key component to curating the content of data, creating a shared understanding of what the data means, and fostering a virtuous cycle that rewards adoption with tangible benefits, whether the user is a data engineer, data scientist, or analyst. What this brings to M&S, what are the tangible benefits at a simplistic level.

Key takeaway:

Phil Jones

Principal Data Strategist at M&S

Phil is a skilled and experienced data professional with extensive experience across technology, process architecture and data roles. As part of his role as a Principal Data Strategist in Marks and Spencer (M&S) he has end-to-end accountability for the delivery of the Alation data catalogue: from supplier selection through to user adoption and benefits realisation. In parallel he has developed the Data and Information Governance Strategy for M&S and is in the process of introducing this across the organisation by following a pragmatic, agile approach that is configured to address business problems or opportunities and deliver demonstrable value.

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