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The Business Scan is a technology-focused magazine that features the world’s best global news on innovation, investment, leadership, startup, entrepreneurship, ideas, events, education, projects, employment, business opportunities consulting with & beyond social media sites as an official media partner of entrepreneurship cell IIT, Kharagpur India.

It has an excellent track record of promoting Daedalus Mark 1 (world’s fastest flying jet suit), PAL-V (world’s best flying car), StadiaPitch (world’s 1st automated pitch change over the system for the stadium), and many more top-class innovative products that deserve only the best media coverage to be among the best in the world by influencing audiences across 20 countries going with & beyond social media – search engines with an option to choose from the top media channel partner network of over 751 TV channels, 271 radio stations, 51 airports, 8501 cinema halls, 1001 multiplexes, 114 digital apps, 451 websites, and 4501 newspapers to impact millions of geo-targeted customers worldwide. Our advertiser gets more media coverage, great publicity, and excellent consulting advisory from us to choose the best media partners for their publicity with “Direct Feature Service” of The Business Scan Magazine.

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