van der Smagt

Head of AI Research
Volkswagen Group

Patrick van der Smagt is head of AI research at Volkswagen Group and director of the open-source Volkswagen Group Machine Learning Research Lab in Munich, focussing on probabilistic deep learning for time series modelling, optimal control, reinforcement learning, robotics, and quantum machine learning. He previously directed a lab as professor for machine learning and biomimetic robotics at the Technical University of Munich while leading the machine learning group at the research institute fortiss, and before founded and headed the Assistive Robotics and Bionics Lab at the DLR Oberpfaffenhofen. Quite a bit earlier, he did his PhD and MSc at Amsterdam’s universities. Besides publishing numerous papers and patents on machine learning, robotics, and motor control, he has won a number of awards, including the 2013 Helmholtz-Association Erwin Schrödinger Award, the 2014 King-Sun Fu Memorial Award, the 2013 Harvard Medical School/MGH Martin Research Prize, and best-paper awards at machine learning and robotics conferences and journals. He is founding chairman of a non-for-profit organisation for Assistive Robotics for tetraplegics and co-founder of various tech companies.

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Ethical and Trustworthy Artificial and Machine Intelligence

Will you still be allowed to use face recognition in the future? What can your algorithms decide for your customers? There are many initiatives on defining ethical rules for the use of AI; one of the foremost ones defined by the EC High-Level Expert Group on AI. But how to we certify adherence to these rules, and what does that mean for your company?

Key takeaways

  • How do we ethically use AI
  • How can we certify the ethical use of AI
  • How can we use AI to support the United Nations SDGs

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