Principal Solutions Conslutant

Jo has always been fascinated by solving problems, which is probably why she is now a solutions consultant. At Adobe she works with customers and partners to use Adobe technology solutions to deliver real business value. She started her working life as a scientist, and has now come full circle. Increasingly using the data and modelling techniques from those days to help customers move into the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The world is changing, and she is proud to be working with Adobe to help her customers to move in that changing world with confidence.

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4 Major Data Hurdles in delivering real-time customer experiences

Creating real-time customer experiences is more important than ever with consumer attention span continuously decreasing. The amount of data and channels marketers can work with is larger than ever. In this challenging landscape a digital marketer will run into 4 major data hurdles, data preparation, data governance, connected data and ontologies in order to deliver real-time customer experiences. This session will walk you through these hurdles and ways to mitigate them; there by helping companies to become an experience business.

Key takeaways

  • Learn about the imperatives of an experience business
  • Learn about the requirements to create real-time customer experiences
  • Learn about the challenges and how to overcome them

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