AI Innovation of Sweden

Daniel Gillblad is co-Director for Scientific Vision at AI Innovation of Sweden, and heads the AI research for RISE, the Swedish Research Institutes. He has a background in AI and Machine Learning and their practical applications

About AI Innovation of Sweden

AI Innovation of Sweden is a national and neutral initiative, functioning as an engine in the Swedish AI ecosystem. The focus is on accelerating the implementation of AI through sharing knowledge and data, co-location of competences, and collaboration projects, all with a strong emphasis on ethics, transparency, and security.
The overall goal is to be a resource for Sweden to fulfill the vision of being a leading nation in the holistic application of AI solutions. With this aim, AI Innovation of Sweden establishes shared resources that will make data and knowledge available in a new and unique way and will strengthen the ecosystem by improving collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the ability to attract talent and leading global expertise..

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Towards transformative AI in Sweden

How do we build real, transformative and robust AI solutions in Sweden? We will discuss challenges and ways forward to applying AI at scale.

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