Building business with tech

There are many ways that H&M Group has used tech and AI, but three concrete examples are customer journeys, individualized category recommendations and personalized product recommendations. With customer journeys we can cater to customers individual needs in email and push, with category recommendations we can take the output of our AI models to give individualized recommendations on which section of the site they would find more interesting, and with product recommendations we can give the customer’s specific recommendations that are relevant to them in email, push and on the site in many different ways.

We operate on a large scale across 74 markets. From AI to data-driven business development, user experience to engineering, we turn business challenges into innovative tech solutions – making H&M Group a global leader in combining tech, fashion, and design. 

You are empowered, trusted and challenged to explore your own path and write your own story. We believe in giving people responsibility early on to create a strong sense of ownership and accountability. Our business is your business. 

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