From 200 people innovation to 2 million in 2 years

We’re Sweden’s new platform for citizen driven innovation with focus and goal to stimulate and broaden the use of open data for the benefit of society. Hack for Sweden is a government mission raised to increase the awareness and use of open data. As part of the process of increasing the digitalization of our public sector, the Swedish Government put focus on open data and citizen-driven innovation. Now, more people than ever can contribute to our welfare and together we can build the society we dream of tomorrow – Sweden 4.0

The 17 global goals of the UN and agenda 2030 is our framework. This means that everything we do strive at contributing to solving these challenges and bringing value to the citizens of our society. We put great emphasis on creating real tools for the citizens of Sweden, not just coming up with great innovative ideas –we make the innovative post-it’s a reality! To make it all happen, our power lies in our partners and our community, consisting both of government authorities, municipalities, companies and individuals who want to contribute real value to the Sweden we dream of tomorrow.

The Hack for Sweden core event is our yearly hackathon where we invite people from all over the globe to come and create innovative solutions for the benefit of society. We’re now expanding to entail not only a single event but a movement that’s present all year round.

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