It has been a week now since we have announced the initial speaker lineup for the upcoming 5th and CELEBRATE edition of the Data Innovation Summit, on 19-20 March, in Stockholm. Pure thrills and super excited here at Hyperight AB, as we are already working on welcoming delegates and preparing for the event.

From Chief Technology Officers, CDOs and Heads of Data, to Global AI Council Members and Senior Scientists, the Applied Innovation Stage (M1) will be full of practical case studies providing clear examples of ROI from Data and AI Driven Innovation and their impact to the business or society, divided into three blocks:

  • Innovative Data and AI Innovation projects – Business ROI Case Studies
  • Innovative Data and AI Innovation projects – Customer Experience Oriented Case Studies
  • Innovative Data and AI Innovation projects – Operational Improvement Oriented Case Studies

On the second day the focus will be on Data and AI Industrialisation Strategies. 

Here’s a glimpse of who is speaking on that stage:

Starting strong, all the way from USA we are welcoming the  CTO of the world’s best known newspaper – The New York Times, Nick Rockwell, who is going to share NYT’s Applied Machine Learning Program, which is based on two pillars, content recommendation and customer journey optimisation, the importance of fitting the program to the product strategy, organisational and technical approach at a high level.

A famous profile and a very important AI figure, Member of Global AI Council and Professor of Social and Ethical AI at Umea University, Virginia Dignum is hitting the spot with ways to ensure that artificial systems behaviour is aligned with human values and ethical ART principles for AI: Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency.

Sébastien Foucaud is the Chief Data Officer at HRS Group, and he is bringing concrete examples of problems faced in setting up a large data function and how they are solving it, also how to set up your data function for it to scale as fast as your company grows.

The Head of Data Intelligence at Easyfairs International, Martijn Bauters is using a reverse technique to tell the audience about a story on what is needed to build Data science capabilities and leverage ROI on AI, he will share the experience of a working ML project that they stopped, because of misalignment between Business & Technology.

A very important project experience about a feasibility study of system components for automated livestock monitoring using drones and artificial intelligence in a field trial in Sweden, will be shared by Mikhail Popov – Senior Scientist at RISE Sweden.

The Head of Data Section at DNB, Morten Bunes Gustavsen will shed light on how DNB uses data science to create value from data, while respecting the customers right to privacy, adding to the fact that banks are probably the most sensitive and first AI frontiers to enjoy its ”fruits” and the bitterness of its ethical regulations.

Two great and enthusiastic speakers from Miltton Mattias Andersson – Partner/Senior Analyst & Martin Dicksved – Partner/Senior Analyst will share and explain the relation between Applied vs Automated vs Artificial Intelligence.

Focusing on 4 main takeaways: Taking AI industrial scale for Telecom, Applying AI for customer experience, Applying AI for operational efficiency in Telecom as well as Applying AI for revenue enhancement, Gaurav Dixit – Head of AI & Automation Development is bringing Ericsson at this track.

If you would like to know more details about the above mentioned speakers: https://datainnovationsummit.com/schedule/

Join us and find out what we have prepared for you, and stay tuned for the most amazing speaker lineup that Stockholm has experienced so far.

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