Ab Initio is a general-purpose data processing and data management platform that is used by major companies in banking, e-commerce, telecommunications, insurance, retail, government and healthcare for their core systems. 

Ab Initio software is intuitive and easy to use, it also meets the challenges of the most complex application logic and huge amounts of data. It does this with high performance and remarkable robustness. This combination is unique. 

Ab Initio software has a single architecture for processing files, database tables, message queues, web services, and metadata. This architecture enables virtually any technical or business rule to be graphically defined, shared, and executed. It processes data in parallel across multiple processors, even processors on different servers – on-premise or in the Cloud. It can run the same rules in batch and real-time, and within a service-oriented architecture. It supports distributed checkpoint restart with application monitoring and alerting. And it enables end-to-end metadata to be collected, versioned, and analyzed by nontechnical users. 

This single architecture makes Ab Initio a general-purpose platform. Users don’t need to stitch together a collection of technologies to finish the job. Everything from Ab Initio is designed from the beginning to form a unified processing platform — fully integrated by definition, as opposed to by marketing. 

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